Centerview Neighborhood Farmers Market is community cooperative group of Neighbors whom one common thread is neighborhoods, and our unspoken want to keep our communities a safe and close net.  A village of friends and family.  In today’s political climate we are constantly distracted by what government is or is not doing.  We seek to take that focus shift to a  true common thread…  Food, good clean truly organic foods.  What better way to rebuild community voice buy starting at home as home grown farmers market for our neighbors by our neighbors.   That’s why we are here as your partner in a vibrant and healthy community, rich in the one resource well care about.  Our food.  At CNFM we are here to support that platform in any way we can encourage our neighbors challenging them to embrace community  through food by growing at least one fruit. vegetable or herbs for trade and/or sale at Centerview’s Neighborhood Farmers Market

Organic Products Variety: 95%
Fresh Dishes: 88%
Packaging Tips 75%

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