CNFM farms and client relations


With a growing desire of the public to know the progression of their food “from farm to fork”, many consumers are starting to develop relationships with “their own“ organic farm. As a result, many organic farms sell directly through box schemes, farmers’ markets and farm shops, or even offer tourist-oriented programs on their farms. We salute this system and thus we seek to provide a like or even better service to the community for its option.  As a member of the TPF organization we seek to unify a standard of quality under their prescribed standard as it is per Scripture.  A higher standard is our standard.  Naturally Organic, tasty and fresh.  As our Client this is the standard we offer the we are sure will go over well with any dish you prepare.  We will establish a point person to your account to insure an intimate understanding of your needs to insure a constancy of quality and the results you desire.  Lets grow together.


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