Eating Organic Or Natural?


According to BBC Good FoodOrganic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation.  Then further down in the article it says this: For composite foods to be labelled as organic, at least 95% of the ingredients must come from organically produced plants or animals. EU-wide rules require organic foods to be approved by an organic certification body, which carries out regular inspections to ensure the food meets a strict set of detailed regulations, relating to production methods and labeling.

Well it sound like a good attempt to make organic products right?  I don’t know about you but if I go the the gas station and the gas Attendant tells me before I fill up that the gas is 95% and 5% water I might be a little concerned on how the car will run after.  So for that matter we like to think that with our initiative that we will achieve 100% organic and thus seek to establish the term Natural Organic emphasizing on a quality we should all hope to have in our kitchens.  Tell us your thoughts.  We love to hear from you.


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