Centerview Neighborhood Farmers Market (Community Farmers Market) simply put is a community co-operation designed to capture the best that Centerview has to offer as a Center View to all communities.   Ok, so this is how it works.

We are challenging all of our neighbors to grow at least one fruit vegetable and/or herb in their own personal garden to bring forth our own local farmers market.

Each grower will be grouped together based on the food choice for their garden. example the farmers Market will be divided in to section much like a grocery store as follows:

  • Tomato growers for instance will be grouped together to assure abundant supply to consumers.
  • Individual product providers will be afforded their own stands for the sale of specialties like baked pies, or perhaps you offer dinner/lunch plates. (Coming soon )
  • Get Started Now! Community Member can establish their own groups right here at out site.  Click here to become a member now.